Rental Management Companies DC

If you are in the business of owning income properties for a significant period, you are then aware of the potential and financial rewards you can gain. On the other hand, you most likely discover the importance of committing considerable effort and time to manage the property well.  It may make sense to handle everything yourself if you are the hands-on type of person, provided you live closely to your properties, and you don't mind devoting few hours of your time to the task every month. However, over time, it will not be practical for you, especially if you have plans to expand your business. Thus rental management companies DC are critical to assist you with your business.


Here are some vital tasks a rental manager can help you with the responsibilities of your real estate business:

  • A rental manager collects and deposits timely rent payments. Securing payments from customers can be difficult, not to mention the awkward emotion that sometimes creeps in. Property managers have efficient systems in place to collect rent and preserve on-time payments. This is particularly important if you have limited number of rental properties and receiving timely payments is crucial to your cash flow.
  • A rental manager sets the right rental rates. A thorough market analysis and study to establish the rental price for your units is what a good property manager does. Having looked at classified ads, you might be tempted just to charge the usual rate of similar properties, but your rental manager will ensure that you achieve the balance between maintaining a low vacancy rate and maximizing monthly income.
  • A rental manager finds the right tenants. The experienced property manager is skilled at finding respectable tenants and will take care all the details required. Some of the information you might need on your lessee are security checks and criminal backgrounds if any, credit reports, previous landlord references, and employment details.
  • A rental manager regulates your tenants. Besides finding the right tenants for you, a property management company will manage all aspects of your landlord-tenant relationship. The rental manager will handle both routinary and emergency maintenance and inspections, and resolve any conflicts that might arise between tenants.
  • A rental manager ensures that you comply with property laws and regulations. There are many applicable laws and regulations you need to abide when you rent and maintain your rental properties. There are fair housing regulations, and federal, state, and local laws you are compelled to comply with to manage your property well. A good property manager can help you escape lawsuits by keeping your real estate in compliance with all applicable regulations.

 Most rental management companies will charge you ranging from 6% to 12% of your property's monthly rentals. It might be a bit expensive but the peace of mind you acquire and time you save on their handling of all responsibilities of your rentals will surely compensate for it.